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Welcome to Canbe Foods! Family-owned and operated since 1994, we are known for our authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine. Our lunch and dinner menus are prepared fresh daily by our seasoned chefs that have a combination of 30 year of experience in the industry. We offer an array of snacks, appetizers, sweets and desserts, and many frozen foods that you can take home.



  • After coming here for lunch for a few days now, I must say that my favorite thing here are still the veggie samosas! I get some of those every time I come here, they are so good! and Spicy! What I really like the most about this place is how quick you get your food, the service is as fast if not faster than going to a fast food place. Plus the food is so much better! I have always really liked Indian food, the spicy flavours, the variety of vegetables, its so nice to find a good Indian food place like this one. I will mostly likely be here for lunch many more times. For the samosas, mutton rolls, nan, rice, veggies... I like it all.

    David S

  • Great spot! Went at 6pm on a Saturday. Steady stream of Sri Lankin people - must be good lol. A little intimidating being a tall white girl. Only take out. Tried the mutton rolls, kuthu chicken roti, samosas and the chicken Biriyani. All good. $20 total. Samosas are my new fav but cheap and good. You can see most of the food through the glass. The Kothu roti took a while to make but super fresh. Next time I want to try the idly and vadai and I'd grab a dessert. Super close to my new place and I'll likely be back.

    Caitlyn P

  • Mutton rolls and samosas are very good from here. Haven't tried the kothu roti or biriyani yet. For me, it's a walking distance from my mechanic on Ellesmere. Pop in for a bite while my car is on the hoist getting work done. Best of all, the price definitely won't break my wallet so I'll be able to pay my mechanic after.

    Hafiz S

  • The Holy Grail of Sri Lankan food in the east end. This is a real winner, and it is hard to point to only a few items. If this is a first time, then string hoppers are a must (for "appa", I'd go to nearby Hopper Hut on Ellesmere but that is another story and another review). Also worth sampling are the mutton rolls -- incredible coriander flavour with a chili kick -- and the egg roti, for something a bit less incendiary. They fo lamprey on weekends -- a whole meal in a banana leaf, either veg, fish or meat. Absolutey incredible, and feeds at least three . Likewise the chicken biryani is inexpensive and will feed a crowd. This is takeout only and because it's so damn good there often are lines at lunchtime. I am lucky -- my office is ten minutes away, and often we bring this food in when we cater lunch.

    Rick H

  • Came here for dinner last night with nine guests. We waited approximately 1/2 hour for a table as they do not take reservations. Perhaps they will in the future as it would be really helpful for large groups. They do have tables that accommodate large groups though. When we arrived at 7:30pm, the restaurant was very crowded and there was a great hustle and bustle in the restaurant. The food was delicious. We ordered satay skewers, seafood fried rice, samba fish, some sort of fried chicken with shrimp crackers, chicken curry, egg plant, stir fried beans, roti and much more. The food was delicious - everything was seasoned well and everyone left feeling full! The service was prompt and friendly. Their shakes, Malaysian tea and desserts were also yummy. I ordered their sago with coconut milk, not too sweet and having it served warm created a great contrast between the sago and milk. Another important note to remember is that they only accept cash. A sign at the door should probably be posted for this. I hope they consider other forms of payment one day as there are no banks near by and I am not sure if they have an ATM located inside. Food wise, it was great and the crowds show for that!

    Kim C

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